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Brainshark Customer Success Story

How PDI Keeps Reps and Customers Prepared and Compliant During COVID-19

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To accelerate time to productivity for new reps, the sales organization at PDI was in need of a better way to deliver more consistent, cost-effective training and onboarding. And that wasn’t all.

Stephen Milton, Director of Sales Training and Development, was concerned that the proper knowledge transfers were not taking place across the sales organization, which could cause reps to speak out of turn – and out of compliance. More broadly, the company also needed to identify a better way for sales managers to train and coach reps no matter where people were located.

Ultimately, it was up to Stephen to establish a seamless process to create content and training and deliver it to the sales team so reps would always be prepared with the most accurate, compliant information.


Stephen led the search for a solution that could meet the sales organization’s urgent needs. He was a three-time user of Brainshark’s sales readiness and enablement platform and immediately saw the synergies between the technology’s capabilities and PDI’s business challenges.

Not only was Brainshark easy to use, but PDI could quickly design content and provide reps with an accessible library of on-demand training and presentations.  When Stephen showed his subject matter experts how to create content in Brainshark, they were, “just blown away at how easy it is”.

PDI’s sales team accesses Brainshark content, training and coaching resources right from Salesforce and regularly respond to video coaching challenges via their mobile devices.