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Brainshark Customer Success Story

How Riverbed Created a Go-To Sales Enablement Hub for its Global Sales Team

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Nearly three years ago, Riverbed’s global sales training was virtually non-existent. The company offered some training materials but didn’t have anything that was consistent or easily found. They were struggling to get (and keep) salespeople up to speed with market changes and product launches.

‘Sales training’ basically meant reps sharing presentations with each other. Reps also received executive summaries from Marketing (as long as 37 slides) and Engineering created “transfer of information” (TOIs) videos for product launches that were too technical, too long and too cumbersome for sales staff.

Tom Kelly, Riverbed’s global executive of sales enablement, was brought on board to build-out needed process and infrastructure for sales training, and to facilitate creating and deploying focused selling content and collateral out to the field.


Kelly needed a sales readiness platform that would be easy for everyone to use, from an SVP to a sales rep. He prioritized the need for fast, easy content creation and the ability to update content and redeploy it globally in an instant.

With that, Kelly sought out Brainshark. He had used the platform at previous companies and knew the content authoring functionality would be the advantage Riverbed needed.

Riverbed launched Brainshark in March 2017. By the time 2018 rolled around, the company had already reached 33,000 views of its Brainshark content modules in just 9 months. Going into 2019, the module library has exceeded 50,000 views.


Riverbed relies on Brainshark as its main hub for sales onboarding, training and frontline manager coaching. New reps are assigned training via Brainshark for their first 45 to 60 days on the job, before they go to live training. As a result, new reps have hit quotas 60 days faster and experienced faster time to revenue.

The company also uses Brainshark to facilitate peer learning. Reps can create their own content and share it via Brainshark, such as “1 Minute Win;” win stories that Kelly says are especially useful so new hires can get greater visibility and confidence about what’s possible. Reps also use the Brainshark content library – which they treat as their “reference manual” – to get their questions answered.

Managers are now supported with Brainshark modules, live manager coaching sessions, tips and tricks and support developing key selling skills. Kelly says managers must refresh and practice skills with their teams, coaching the process of selling, not the result.


  • No consistent, formal sales training
  • Selling collateral was sparse and ineffective