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Brainshark Customer Success Story

Preparing a Dispersed Sales Team with Video Coaching and AI


Scantron, a provider of comprehensive assessment and technology solutions, has a geographically dispersed sales force, segmented into a dozen different sales teams, covering three lines of business. Each sales team requires unique training, coaching, and messaging to be successful.

The challenge for Lisa Dunham, Scantron’s learning and development manager, was developing an overarching, consistent training and coaching strategy across the sales department. Email and webinars were the standard communication and training platforms so there was a need for a single location to house training content and coaching activities. To keep pace with ever-evolving industry changes, Scantron sales teams required a user-friendly, flexible solution to support current and future readiness.


With a single solution in mind, Scantron chose Brainshark’s sales readiness platform, which offers content creation, training, and coaching all in one location. The single platform allows flexible content delivery to specific teams as well as to the entire sales organization.

Dunham, as well as the company’s sales leaders, can now quickly create sales content, training courses, and video coaching activities with Brainshark. The platform makes it easy to support the sales teams as well as sales leaders. Sales leaders can launch coaching activities based on training needs. Members of the sales team can practice and refine messaging within the confines of the Brainshark environment.

Knowing that sales teams are honing messaging with Brainshark’s video coaching tool before client engagements (instead of practicing on customers) brings peace of mind. The coaching tool also allows for the ability to practice, review, coach, and provide feedback while sales leaders can provide video coaching examples for the sales teams to emulate.


Scantron sales teams use Brainshark for a variety of video coaching activities to articulate key messages and prepare for important milestones. For example, the first video coaching activity launched to the sales organization asked team members to share the top three takeaways from a national sales meeting. Prior to launching to the entire organization, the task was first assigned to all of the sales leaders. The leaders’ responses were converted into Brainshark presentations and shared with the sales force as example responses. These examples helped members of the sales organization get comfortable with the new video coaching format.

To unify the Scantron corporate brand messaging across the lines of business, the “Scantron Story” was shared with all the sales teams. The story encompasses the history, current environment, and evolution of the organization and story provides the information necessary for all sales teams to convey the solutions within the Scantron brand, not just a single line of business. The sales deck was shared with the sales teams along with a video coaching activity so everyone could practice with the deck and customize the message. Not only was this activity a fantastic content learning experience for the members of the sales teams, it was also a tremendous coaching opportunity for the sales leaders.

The Scantron sales teams also participated in a video coaching activity around the Scantron elevator pitch. This activity provided a wonderful practice environment for the teams to work with a newly created elevator pitch and customize that pitch with a hypothetical ice breaker question. The sales leaders reviewed the submissions, and with Brainshark’s AI-powered machine analysis engine, Scantron was able to generate automated scores and feedback. Dunham said machine analysis gives performance insight members of the sales teams might not otherwise detect, supplements sales leaders’ coaching response reviews and enhances feedback quality.