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4 Steps to a Better Sales Onboarding Plan

Aug 16th, 2018

Ask any sales enablement leader what their biggest challenges are, and sales onboarding will likely be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, too many sales organizations still use onboarding approaches that simply don’t work. In fact, 60% of onboarding programs are not meeting sales managers’ expectations, according to SMA.

In today’s market, stakes are high – markets are competitive, innovation is widespread and hyper-growth is a reality – so there’s no time to waste. Sales enablement leaders need to prioritize a better way of onboarding their new sales hires that focuses on improving time to productivity and reducing the trial-and-error nature of traditional onboarding.

A Fresh Approach to Sales Onboarding

We’ve developed Brainshark’s Agile Sales Onboarding Methodology, which takes the four agile software development principles – planning, sprints, review and retrospective – and tweaks them to fit the key steps of onboarding. Agile principles enable flexibility, responsiveness and quick course corrections – all the things that today’s companies need to stay relevant in the market.

Check out the eBook on this methodology, which includes details on:

  • The 4 steps of agile onboarding
  • How sales readiness technology helps
  • Why agile is a game-changer for sales readiness

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