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Bigtincan gives its sales readiness solution Brainshark a new look for improved customer experience

Dec 04th, 2023
Brainshark new look and feel

We celebrated the one-year anniversary of Bigtincan’s acquisition of Brainshark in 2022 by giving Brainshark a makeover! 

Thanks to Bigtincan’s continued investment in its sales readiness solution Brainshark and the needs of our customers, the Brainshark Learning, Scorecards, and Content user interfaces have been redesigned to provide a more intuitive experience for clients. The design was thoughtfully considered to give the application a visual refresh while maintaining the same reliable functionality customers know and love. 

A unified sales readiness and enablement platform

Brainshark new user interface for improved customer experience

As of August 30 2022, customers can enjoy:

  • Increased efficiency with optimized table and card views that clearly display contextual course details 
  • Quick visibility of the information that matters most to you with a user-focused progress and engagement tracker, enabling you to quickly assess progress with assignments
  • Unified interface gathering content pages under one heading, organized similarly to the Learning pages
  • Time saving dynamic behaviors like collapsible filters which help teams find courses faster (shown below)
  • Customizable highlight colors to create a more branded experience

Brainshark new UI demo

An improved and intuitive user experience

These updates, with close attention to brand and usability, integrate Brainshark even more closely into the Bigtincan platform— and they’re just the beginning. We’re staying anchored in the areas we understand you rely on us for — content creation, coaching, training, and scorecards — while delivering key updates that provide an even better experience. 

Brainshark great user experience

More design options

Some other highlights of the design changes customer should look out for:

  • Streamlined top menu navigation with a centralized Content Portal
  • Consolidated navigation
  • Refined content types and icons
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Combined sharing tools
  • Customizable accent color in your UI and Player (shown below in Bigtincan orange!)

Brainshark custom branded sales readiness solution

Conversation AI and even more to come!

Since acquiring Brainshark, Bigtincan has worked to unify our solutions with integrations that bring ease and value to our customers’ daily workflows.

Customers can also take advantage of enhanced coaching tools like conversational intelligence AI to maximize your team’s sales potential. By injecting Brainshark Coach with Bigtincan’s cutting edge VoiceVibes technology, you’ll have one of the most advanced audio analytics engines in the world. 

coaching AI for sales role plays and pitch practice

Pictured: Brainshark Coach accessed through the Bigtincan platform

Imagine getting clarity on exactly where reps should focus their time for the most impactful improvements. With the VoiceVibes integration, Brainshark Coach measures a user’s vocal clarity, pace, and how often they use filler words while scoring them across 20 positive and negative vibes like confidence, authenticity, and arrogance. 

With these predicted voice indicators, you can accurately predict how your sellers’ voices will be perceived by buyers in an effort to strengthen relationships and build customer rapport. 

And keep an eye out for AuthoringAI, coming soon to Brainshark Content Authoring following our other recent updates to our content creation engine. Learn more about Modern Authoring and AuthoringAI.

Brainshark Modern Content Authoring content creation engine

We’re excited to bring these carefully thought-out and user-focused designs to the Brainshark readiness solution and deliver one, holistic sales enablement platform to our customers.

To learn more about updates to Brainshark or other Bigtincan products, contact our team.